What is a prepaid card?

It's like a debit card but It's loaded to a predefined amount and can be re-loaded as and when required. You will only be able to make purchases with the card when there are sufficient funds on your prepaid card and you will not be able to spend more than this amount. The prepaid card works just like any other bank debit card. If you wish to buy a product or service you can use the card in person, over the internet or telephone.

Does it have a credit limit?

No, It's not a credit card and carries no credit limit. You cannot spend more money than is held on the card account.

How do I get help if I have questions about my card?

If you have questions related to your card call the customer services team on +44 (0) 020 3633 1863.

Are there any fees for using my card?

Yes.Fees are listed in the Terms and Conditions document uploaded on the www.wireaccount.com Terms and Conditions

Can I change the PIN assigned to me?

Yes, you can change your PIN number.

I have forgotten my PIN number, what do I do?

If you have forgotten or lost your PIN, you can retrieve your PIN

What should I do if my card is lost or stolen?

If your card has been lost or stolen or you believe its security has been compromised, you must inform the customer services team immediately on +44 (0) 020 3633 1863

How long will it take to replace the card?

It normally takes 6 working days but can take up to 12 workings days depending on when it has been requested.

What happens if I change my address?

You must notify Wireaccount Limited immediately on or email: support@wireaccount.com

Does my card ever expire?

Yes, you can find the expiry date on the front of your card. If your card is about to expire, and is still active, please contact Wireaccount Limited if you have not received a new card. Any balance remaining on the card will be transferred to the new one before It's despatched to you.

What happens if I no longer want to use my prepaid card?

If you wish to cancel your prepaid card or no longer wish to use it, contact Wireaccount Limited on or email: support@wireaccount.com

What if the amount of my purchase is more than my available balance?

In this case, your purchase will be declined and you must wait until the card has sufficient funds.

Is the card safe and secure to use?

As with all credit and debit cards we use, every precaution needs to be taken to keep the card safe and your PIN secure. Please refer to the cardholder terms and conditions. The prepaid card aims to reduce the need to carry or hold large amounts of cash.

What if I have a problem?

If you have a query about the card itself or you have an unknown transaction on your card account or a transaction has been declined but you still have funds on your card account, please call the customer service team on +44 (0) 020 3633 1863.

Can I withdraw cash using the prepaid card?

Yes, You can withdraw cash using an ATM.

I have received my prepaid card, now what do I do?

  • Sign the signature strip on the reverse of the card
  • Activate the prepaid card Portal URL to be updated
  • Obtain your PIN through online Portal URL to be updated

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